Cycling Cafes

in The Netherlands and Belgium

Looking for Cycling Cafes in The Netherlands or Belgium? Then you have come to the right place! is a platform for all cafés that love cycling. Here you’ll found everything about the best cycling cafes in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The number of cycling cafes has been increasing enormously in recent years. Since October 2020, this platform offers an overview of all these cycling cafes in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What is a Cycling Cafe?

As a living room and meeting place for cycling enthusiasts, a cycling café is the ideal place before, during and after your ride. At a cycling café everything is done to make cycling lovers happy.

"The best place to start, pause or finish you ride."

A cycling café is a place where the emphasis is on cycling. As a result, references to cycling are immediately visible upon entering. Examples include old bicycles on the walls or ceiling, the cycling beer that is served or the race that can be followed on the large screen. Cycling cafes are always an attractive resting place for cyclists because the offerings and facilities here are tailored to them. In addition, every café sells food and drinks so that you can continue your tour with a good energy supply.


Ultimately, a cycling café remains an experience. Whether or not a location can pass as a cycling café is based not only on the food, drink and facilities on offer. The entire experience of the location also plays a role.

We continuously consider which locations are and which are not included in our platform. This does not mean that we are not open to potential cycling cafes on the platform. Many cycling cafes can still be added. For now, we are focussing on cycling cafes in The Netherlands and Belgium, where cycling is a symbol of the culture.

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Add a Cycling Cafe

Do you think there is a cycling cafe missing that really belongs here? Then we always like to hear about it. Send us a message using contact or add the cycling café directly.


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